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Take Charge of Your Financial Future With Bitcoin Bank!

Bitcoin Bank helps you trade bitcoin like a pro. The system uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to identify trading opportunities in the bitcoin market and automatically capitalize on them. We have helped thousands of people ride the bitcoin volatility profitably. You could also earn insane profits by signing up with us today. *All derivatives trading involves significant risk.  

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Ross Lachlan Queensland

Profit: $ 234,154

I am officially a member of the exclusive bitcoin millionaires club thanks Bitcoin Bank. It’s a little over a year since I started using this software, and my account balance is at $232,433. I will keep reinvesting most of my profits until I hit the $10 million mark.

Rebecca Thomas Budapest

Profit: $ 6,117

“All my financial struggles are gone within months of trading with Bitcoin Bank. I have been earning over $1800 daily with little manual input. This trading system is the real deal for anyone interested in earning money online.”

James Stephen Johannesburg

Profit: $ 212,614

I can now retire early and enjoy doing the things I love. Bitcoin Bank has transformed my finances and my life. I will remain in the game now that they have announced a massive opportunity for the coming crypto boom of 2020/2021.”

Helena Dolittle Dublin

Profit: $ 21,994

“Most people making millions of dollars in profits by investing in bitcoin are doing it through trading systems such as Bitcoin Bank. I have already earned a fortune through this trading system.”


We generate a ROI of up to 50% daily. This means that you can make up to $2500 from a deposit of $250 on the first week of trading with us. Your daily return is bound to increase with reinvestments.  The more you reinvest, the more you can earn.


Artificial Intelligence is the key determinant of successful automated trading. Big banks and hedge funds are investing trillions in AI-based trading systems. Bitcoin Bank is the first trading bot to offer the potential of AI to ordinary traders.


The Bitcoin Bank trading system is available in desktop and mobile app versions. Only users who have a verified account can access the apps download links. The desktop version is compatible with Windows and Mac devices. You can use our mobile app on iOS and Android devices. 



The Bitcoin BankProfitTrade TimeCryptocurrencyResult
Harry S.. just won trade...$18320/06/2021EOS/ETHtick
Sophie R. just won trade...$19320/06/2021EOS/ETHtick
Evan M. just won trade...$10120/06/2021ETH/LTCtick
Luke G.. just won trade...$17420/06/2021EOS/ETHtick
Chloe K. just won trade...$5120/06/2021EOS/ETHtick
Ewan C. just won trade...$14820/06/2021EOS/ETHtick
Lilly R. just won trade...$24020/06/2021EOS/ETHtick
Sebastian R. just won trade...$14420/06/2021BTC/ETHtick
Naomi R. just won trade...$7420/06/2021ETH/LTCtick
Ellie J. just won trade...$17720/06/2021EOS/ETHtick


Step 1

Click here to fill the Bitcoin Bank registration form. You need to accept our terms and conditions to be approved.

Step 2
Fund Your account

A minimum of USD 250 is required to trade with us. Account funding happens through the matched robot broker.

Step 3
Live trading

Live trading takes place automatically. You only have to set your account as per the registration guide and click the “Trade now” button.



Is Bitcoin Bank Profitable?

Yes! Most of our users enjoy returns of up to 50% daily. Some of our users have compounded their daily profits to earn a fortune within months of trading. 

Does Bitcoin Bank charge license fees?

No! Bitcoin Bank is free of charge. However, we may introduce a fee in the coming months as the demand for our system continues to skyrocket. It would be best if you took the free license opportunity and signup immediately.

How much do I invest with Bitcoin Bank?

You don’t need to break your bank to invest with us. A deposit of as little as $250 is enough to set you on the path to earning a fortune. 

Is Bitcoin Bank legit and safe?

Yes! We prioritize our users’ safety and therefore, have invested in cyber safety measures. Moreover, we only work with brokers that have a proven track record.

How do I take out profits from Bitcoin Bank?

Click the funds’ management tab and then click the “withdraw funds” button to be taken to the broker’s withdrawal page. Remember that our highly reputable brokers handle all transactions on our platform.

Does Bitcoin Bank allow mobile trading?

Yes! You can access the trading platform on your mobile browser or download our free Android and iOS trading app. The app is free, but you must be registered to access it.

Is Bitcoin Bank a scam or not?

No! For the years we have been in the market, we have never had any problem with users or the regulator. We are reviewed widely by experts, and they are all satisfied by the level of transparency in our platforms.

Do I need to quit my day job to trade with Bitcoin Bank?

No! Our system conducts all the bitcoin trading for you as you proceed with your daily business. You can automate all functions including withdrawal and reinvestments.

Bitcoin Bank Review – An In-depth Perspective!

What is Bitcoin Bank?

Bitcoin Bank is simply a piece of software that is powered by intelligent algorithms capable of predicting future bitcoin prices with high accuracy.

The software automatically buys and sells bitcoin to capitalize on the predictions on behalf of the user. Bitcoin Bank has partnered with experienced and reputable robot brokers to offer users leverage of up to 4000:1.

This means that users get the chance to trade positions worth up to $4000 for every $1 of their deposit. The high accuracy level, coupled with high leverage translates to insane profitability. 

Registering and Trading with Bitcoin Bank

Signing up with Bitcoin Bank is easy. Moreover, we are available in all countries that support CFDs trading. These are in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, and the Middle East. Unfortunately, we do not accept clients from the US. We do not charge any non-trading fees. 

Our partner brokers adopt the STP+ECN trading model and hence only charges competitive spreads starting from as low as zero pips. Get started with the Bitcoin Bank trading system through the following steps.

1) Create an account with us by scrolling to the top of this page and filling the provided form. We will send an SMS to your phone and a link to your email to confirm if you have provided us with the correct contact details. Use your best email since this is the channel we will be using to communicate important information.

2) After registration, our algorithms will match you with a broker, and you will be prompted to verify your identity with them. Our brokers are top quality and hence observe strict KYC requirements. You will be prompted to fund your Bitcoin Bank account with a minimum of USD 250.

3) A dedicated account manager will contact you immediately after depositing with instructions on how to set up the robot for trading. Trading is easy since our system conducts all the trading functions automatically.

Facts About Bitcoin Bank

We are a revolutionary trading system widely covered by the media. Here are some fun facts about the Bitcoin Bank software.

  • We are one of the first trading system to apply blockchain to ensure transparent peer to peer transactions.
  • We are the only AI-based trading system that is license free to use for all. Our users are only required to part with a 2% commission on profits earned.
Did Elon Musk and Richard Branson Endorse Bitcoin Bank?

We have received a lot of media attention in the last few months due to the remarkable profitability reported by our users.

Bitcoin Up has also received tens of reviews from reputable trading system review platforms. And just like any other platform, we have received our fair share of gossip and fake news. The latest links us with some celebrity entrepreneurs.

  • Richard Branson – The founder of Virgin Atlantic is indeed a fan of blockchain and bitcoin, but he is not among our financial backers.
  • Elon Musk – Elon Musk indeed loves bitcoin, but he isn’t an angel investor, and therefore he is not among our investors.
Bitcoin Bank Review – Bottom Line

We have been around for years and have helped thousands of people earn fortunes investing in bitcoin. Bitcoin Bank is not only profitable, but it is easy to use for anyone interested in making money online.

You do not need any form of expertise to make money through our trading system. Bitcoin Bank is among the pioneers in automated bitcoin trading. Moreover, it is the only trading system that combines Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain to exclusively trade crypto.

You need to sign up with us to access our trading dashboard. An instructional video is available to help you try different settings before going live. A dedicated account manager will get in touch with you after registration to guide you through the trading process. Bitcoin derivatives trading is highly risky. Invest wisely! 

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